Rhubarb Pudding

Since it's rhubarb season,
I thought we'd start with our favorite rhubarb recipes.

*Smaller recipe in ( )
2 (1) cups sugar
2 (1) cups flour
4 (2) tsp. baking powder
1 (1/2) cup milk
4 (2) cups fresh rhubarb

2 (1) cups brown sugar
2 (1) cups hot water
4 (2) Tbsp. melted butter

Mix together first 4 ingredients.
Add cut up rhubarb
Stir and pour into large greased cassarole dish (make sure pan is big enough or you'll have a spill :)
Mix together sauce ingredients
Pour over top of pudding mixture
Bake at 350 F for 45-50 minutes

*Note: This is quite sweet, if you prefer a tartier taste cut down the sugar a bit.

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